Setting Up Your First Listing on Wellness Coach Connect: Video Walk-through



Setting Up Your First Listing on Wellness Coach Connect: Written Guide

  1. Click Add Listing
  2. Choose your Listing Plan – Basic or Featured
  3. Enter all fields as completely as possible (You can update and edit your listing at any time.)
  4. Click Preview and review your listing
  5. Click Submit Listing
  6. Enter your billing information and click Place Order
  7. View your listing
  8. You will receive an email to reset your account password
  9. Log into Wellness Coach Connect using your email and password and you can update or edit your listing at any time

Add a Profile Picture to Your Listing with Gravatar (as shown in the listing below)

  1. Sign up for a WordPress account with this link:
  2. Check your email and confirm your account via email link
  3. Click the button to sign into Gravatar
  4. Add a new image using the link at the bottom of page

Listing tips:

  • Your listing name is the name of your coaching practice  (which may be your name!)
  • You can select your region from any of the available drop downs. This is helpful for clients looking to work with someone in their time zone or local area.
  • In the location field, enter your complete address or your city, state zip code and country abbreviation.
    For example, Milwaukee, WI 53223, USA
  • You can choose one or more listing categories. To ensure a match with the right clients, it’s best to select only those categories that you specialize in.
  • Your Cover Photo should be 1400 x 933 pixels. This can be your picture or a banner describing your practice.
  • We strongly recommend you add your email, website and phone number.
  • Include an introductory video if possible.
  • Always include a Call to Action in your listing. Ideally, this will be a link to your schedule for a complimentary consultation, or a link to opt in for a valuable freebie!
  • It may take a few minutes for your Gravatar image to link up with your listing!