Freedom from food?  Are you kidding me?

You would have never convinced me 5 years ago that I would find freedom in the thing I felt most chained to.  The thought of food consumed me.  I thought about food the moment my eyes opened in the morning and I fought cravings until I drifted off to sleep each night.

I’d awake to the thought, “I’m going to stick to my diet today”, but by 10:00 a.m….I had already blown it.  I would restrict my calorie intake so much that I was deprived and I was telling myself no all day which did not help the situation.  Then add on the feelings of failure, guilt and shame and by the end of the day I was totally defeated and hopeless.

Sound familiar?

My relationship with food was so dysfunctional.  Saying that I viewed food as evil, is an understatement.  I dreaded going to parties, because I would be faced with so many food choices and the urge to overeat.  So, I withdrew socially.  It got to the point that even when I made healthy choices I still associated the act of eating with guilt.

So what changed?  I decided something had to give.  I wanted to be healthier and free.  I wanted to set a healthier example for my daughter so she did not have to endure the same life of dieting, deprivation and shame that I did.  I began working with a coach and actually putting in the painful emotional work toward healing.

The relationship I have with food now is a joy!  I have ditched diets for good and there is so much FREEDOM in that.  If this post feels a little too close for comfort, then I ask you to start to embrace food for the nourishment and gifts it has to give you.  Find a coach who has been there and who has walked the path before you.  That’s why I founded Nourished Life Now.  There is love and light and a path to freedom.  You just have to be willing to start the journey!

In Health and Wellness,

Coach D
Danielle Luipersbeck