What kind of a business could you create as a Wellness Coach? What type of work could you do?

We’ve seen our graduates do many things, but let’s just say you’re only limited by your own imagination! In this article, we talk about making a difference as a Wellness Coach in your local community as well as making a global impact.

You see, as a Wellness Coach, your work is really important. You have a significant message to share; what you do changes lives.   At the local level, Wellness Coaches deliver their message to their local community, usually in person. Communication occurs through personal contact face-to-face.

A Wellness Coach who has a local focus likes to inspire her own community. She may do this through networking, connecting with people face-to-face, and sharing ideas.   She may lead workshops, live events, do personal or small group coaching or even get involved in a school lunch program. She wants to make a difference at the local level.

Wellness Coaches may also work at a global level. Their focus is on a wider audience through the use of technology. Communication occurs virtually, for example, by phone calls, Skype, teleseminars or webinars.   A Wellness Coach who wants to make an impact on a specific population or problem will likely be more of a global leader. She will take advantage of technology such as the internet, Skype, and the phone to bring people together from across the globe. She may make an impact by creating online programs, leading wellness retreats, or designing a group training program.

“We’ve seen our graduates do many things, but let’s just say you’re only limited by your own imagination.”

Neither the local or global track is any better than the other. You will likely be drawn to one track over another based on your personal goals and personality. Keep in mind that your focus as a Wellness Coach may change over time. You may gravitate toward working in your local community or making an impact through global initiatives, but neither is set in stone.

In addition, you may choose to blend tracks over time, offering some of your work in your local community while simultaneously building an online presence.   For example, you might work with face-to-face clients and also with clients located in other places via phone or Skype. Or, you might give a workshop in your local community and also teach a webinar online.

Whether you want to help people locally or globally, you can do it as an IAWP Wellness Coach. We teach our students how to build a Wellness Coaching career that they love to wake up to everyday. Through our comprehensive training and lifetime support, we support you every step of the way.   Ready to follow your passion and inspire others to be healthy?

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